I just finished winding 15 warps to send out for a June workshop (please don’t notice the chaos of the studio . . . I’m getting to it . . . somehow yarn/book/equipment capacity has been exceeded), and I have been so thrilled by excellent information that I have received from my weaving questions that I have to throw out a few more.  These came up while I wound and wound . . . and wound.Wound1First – full disclosure – I use a reel, and am too lazy/set in my ways/something to use a paddle, and I both don’t have enough cones/tubes of each color and am too scared to do what Becky does and wind 30 threads at a time . . . yipes! I also dress back to front – so there may be issues I am creating for the front to backers that I am unaware of and would love to hear about.

So, I was winding deflected double weave warps with color changes at block changes. Some were very easy – large blocks with an even number of threads for which I wound 2 threads at a time of each color.  I held two threads together and didn’t make a 1-1 cross. But then there were the warps with one set of blocks with an even number of threads, and one set with an odd number.  A couple of those I wound holding two threads together but making a 1-1 cross.  Here’s the issue: if you do it the way I did it, you get a double cross between the final peg and the cross pegs and if you don’t make sure to put your tie-on rod in the same space as the last peg (as opposed to the same space as one of your lease sticks) the loops will separate and create a big mess that you have to sort out loop by loop (ask me how I know). This is not a problem when i am just working on something myself, but I don’t want to confuse the students who are receiving the warps.  Wound2 Wound4 Wound5So, the  questions are: how do you wind your warps?  How do you handle multiple color changes? Do you use a reel or a board?  What about a paddle? I know that Madelyn vd H uses a board, and doesn’t cut and tie at color changes, but lets the last color thread dangle as she winds the next stripe. Any other advice, information, wisdom will be much appreciated.


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  1. I’m drooling over the cones and cones of colour and the sheen – so jealous I’m turning a subtle shade of green on this grey wet morning!
    Can’t comment on warp winding. I use a reel and a paddle if more than two threads but I thread front to back and do things differently to most.

    • Hi Dianne,
      Sorry to hear that the weather is gloomy. We are having our first little taste of joyous relief from the polar vortex, and I think the lifting gloom may have sparked some color adventure in the warps:) We’ll see how much the students enjoy them . . .

  2. ohhh pretty!

    I warp ftb with one cross. I use a warping frame holding up to 4 threads in my hand separated by my fingers and I ‘drop and dangle’ rather than cut. I reserve the right to change my methods at any time as I’ve only been weaving for 1.5years 😀

  3. Believe it or not I am doing a rep weave project from a Swedish book and using the 16/2 cotton for the first time in a table runner. I had the false cross as I am winding four threads on at a time and splitting them at the cross. The first bout I did not put the tie in the end and had the two sets of loops also. I could not find any reference to this in any of my many books. You would think we weren’t the only ones to do this. Should be a big Warning! Never do this somewhere. Wish I could take your workshop.

    • Hi Sandy, Whoa – synchronicity! I know I have seen in in a weaving book – Peggy Osterkamp? But I can’t find it again. Wish you could too! I think we are going to have a ball.

  4. I f i have regular colour intervals I will warp with 2 crosses and 2 threads till the colour change, cut first colour at beginning or end of the warp, tie next colour to first colour yarn, as I have a co-ordination problem I prefer this rather than leaving a strand or two, it keeps my yarn secure and in place, then wind till my 3rd colour change, this I beam from back to front. If I have irregular colour changes, I make a chain for each colour warp, and them beam ftb. For random colour changes I use Schacht’s rigid heddle warping tool.

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