Blanket-y Blank

Blue Blanket hanging to dry

Loom time has become scarcer and scarcer.  The strange thing is that I am spending many hours a day on weaving-related activities rather than actual weaving.  It is a hard balance to strike because the weaving-related activities are very rewarding and important (teaching, planning for classes, drafting, communicating, tech editing . . . and blogging), but must be whipped back every now and again to accomodate the actual creation of cloth!

I did get some pillow yardage and a blanket off the big loom last week which was gratifying.  It is (almost) the last in this series of Pillow and Blanket sets. Known affectionately (in our kids’ long ago baby talk) as Pawbies and Blankies. I realized while looking through older photos that I have been working on these since late August 2012. Geez!  I do have a special affection for cozy textiles, but  3/4 of a year is a lot of Pawbie/Blankie time.

close up 2

I do think I have learned a lot and improved both design and execution.  This is always bittersweet because the earlier efforts are now annoying to me even though I really liked them at the time and do not intend to re-create them . . . Well, I might take one more run at an orange fuchsia set because I love those colors, and I think I had too much red in the last batch.  Two Sides - just washed Blue Blanket close up

4 thoughts on “Blanket-y Blank

  1. Hi Lisa:
    I blogged about finding Meagan’s scarf today on my blog. Here is the link ENJOY. BTW, can really relate to EVERYTHING you said today about weaving related activites. I set myself to spend no more than a hour on “related activites” every day but am not always successful. The comment you made about looking back at ones older work also hit home. There is of course the first reaction…what was I thinking using THAT fabric followed by the realization that you spoke of that there has been some growth in the area of design, THANK GOD! Hope all is going well with you also!

    • Hi Again Sandy, I just read your latest blog post (thanks for the plug!) and it sounds like life as Ms. Aprons has taken a turn for the busy. I am still wearing and loving my apron – maybe I will come across it on Pinterest sometime soon too:)

  2. This is sumptuous. I can’t even guess what you do to make weaving look like this, and I probably never will know. The colors are perfect. Nothing about this bears any resemblance to the ratty blankies we used to drag around as little kids. I’m sorry you aren’t spending all your time weaving cloth (of course, the kids must be clean and fed)

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the comment. I was just thinking of you because when I filled out the TNNA Fiber Arts Survey today, they asked what online resources you turn to for inspiration, and I (of course) put Avalanche Looms!!
      It is true that the blankies I have known were sorry looking things – even if they didn’t start that way. In fact, I made a blanket for my niece with tassels on the corners that she called snoots – by 2nd grade that blankie was a sad little 5″ remnant of fabric with a balding tassel that she would rub on her nose while she sucked her thumb . . . happily worn to a raveling.
      Thanks for turning me on to Peepwool too – now a fascinated fan.

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