Shameless Comment Fishing Contest

First of all I want to thank everyone who commented.  HUGE THANKS!  You will now be put in the randomizer, and could win fabulous cash (not really) and prizes (really)!

I have decided on three prizes.  The first will be a Deflected Double Weave Scarf Kit which will include a pre-wound warp, instructions, draft and enough weft to weave a scarf and do some sampling.  I will give the winner a choice of animal (wool, etc.) or cellulose (bamboo, tencel, etc.) This winner will be chosen after I get my 35th comment.  You can comment as often as you like and your comments will count in the total although the randomizer will only enter your name once.

Prize number two will be a skein of luscious yarn from the Kangaroo Dyer and the winner will be picked after my 70th comment.

Finally, after 100 comments, I will pick a winner for a handwoven scarf.  I haven’t woven it yet, but I will be so excited to have received 100 comments that it might inspire a good one:) So, let me know what is on your mind, whether it is about the thrills and spills of weaving, the state of the economy or what your dog just did.

Now, after that truly shameless comment fishing, I would like to ask for some feedback.  I am experimenting with a series of bright pillow covers in deflected dw.  I want to make them two-season and those pictured are wool.  I am thinking of weaving the backs in colorful cottolin so that one could flip them in the summer. Do you think I should weave the backs in weft-faced striped fabric or more deflected dw. I am worried that a highly patterned back will be too much, even though I am a the-more-pattern-the-merrier kind of gal.

14 thoughts on “Shameless Comment Fishing Contest

  1. I think striped is best. I think it would be nice to flip between more pattern and less pattern even though I love patterned stuff. Love your work.

    • Hi Virginia,
      We met at Rhinebeck right? Hope to hear more about your endeavor with your special needs weavers. Did you see the link to the article on the neurological benefits of crafting? It is linked in my previous post. Also check out The Hartford Artisan’s Center? Fran Curran and Dorrie Hunt run a fabulous weaving center for the blind in Hartford, CT. Here is the web address:
      Thanks so much for visiting and keep in touch.

  2. I vote for the stripes too though I bet there’s some clever way to make the two sides complementary. Anyway, they look great!

  3. Hey Amy,
    I might have to have a special prize for the first Poet to comment!! I have been erratically following your Adventures in Poetry, and often lament my failure to attend some of the wonderful-sounding readings and events you mention on FB. There is a lot to be said for cross-pollination. In any case, you are certainly not too late for the randomizer – the randomizing will commence after 17 more comments . . .
    Oh, and thanks for the pillow feedback (pillow talk?)

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Although I am a pattern nut myself, I think it would be too much to put another pattern on the back unless you do the exact same one as the front. I would either do a plain back or a very, very small pattern but probably all in one color so that it is subtle. Your pillow fronts in DDW are AMAZING and I have never seen anything like them out there. I for one will be waiting in line to see how you resolve this!! Good luck!

  5. Being somewhat of a pillow person myself I would use the same on the back and make another set in the cottolin for summer. Mainly because I want a change in weight and color for spring and summer and they really aren’t that time consuming to make. I use the same pillow forms and change for every season.

  6. Yeah, Lisa! Congratulations on your move to the new blog format. It looks great.

    I’ve never liked commercial items with great patterning on one side then something really simple on the back. It always seemed like cheating to me. I would go for smaller scale ddw, or ddw foreground against a plain weave background. Maybe more subtle than the wool ddw (just lovely, btw), but with a little more oomph than just stripes by themselves. Just my two cents.

    • Great to hear from you Deb. And congratulations to you on your STUNNING pieces in CW Journal. Really inspirational work. The cell weave piece is so exciting to me – Thanks and thanks for the input on the pillows. I am heading out to set up the sample warp for the backs now that my big kids are headed back to school/work and the food frenzy has died down.

  7. I love your deflected doubleweave, but I think if I were choosing a fabric for the pillow back, I’d want something slightly less textured. Summer always seems a time to simplify for me, somehow. I do like the idea of using linen for the backs, though!

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