Gauze and Effects

I imagine that the pursuit of the perfect three-layer gauze is not the central concern of other people’s lives, but . . . I still haven’t achieved the effect I want so I must go on!  I realized today that the main obstacle in my pursuit of this elusive effect is that I don’t really have a clear idea about what the effect is.  Because of the whole buying yarn, winding, dressing and weaving thing, the “I’ll know it when I see it” approach is somewhat problematic.  Maybe trying to define aspects of what I want will help:
✤Shawl that is light enough to crunch up into a scarf.
✤The exterior tube must be stable but open enough for the “fill” to be apparent.
✤My final product needs to be an evening shawl with a fill that includes some glitz (I know I haven’t done any experimenting on this at all, but I just recently got my hands on some possible glitz)
✤I think the final shawl need to be black, drape-y and warm.

If anyone has any input – I would really appreciate it!  What about fine, black kid mohair for the tube?

The above experiment is my first cotton tube, and as predicted by Deb, the gauze stays gauzy a little more that the wool did.  Of course, I had to completely obscure this by making the fill a very fine kid mohair in a yellow ochre color and decreasing the number of ends by half.  This resulted in a very light, drape-y texture with added warmth, but no added color interest at all . . . good one 🙁

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