3rd 3-Layer

Here is the third in a series of 3 – layer scarf/shawls.  In this one I once again used a 20/2 wool for the gauzy exterior tube and bulky mohair boucle for the “unwoven” filler.  I made the length of the blocks between layer exchanges a little longer and I didn’t secure the ends, so the layers are separate-able and distinct. The problem with the see-through not being very see-through persists, so my next experiment (almost finished beaming) will be with fine cotton as the gauze (as suggested by Deb Kaplan – MA weaver par excellence).

What I do like about this one is the strange pillowy, light-as-a-feather quality that the mohair gives it.  I think it might be the answer to people who want warm, cozy, light blankets, but hate mohair.  Imagine a blanket of fine cotton with an interior layer of colorful, fluffy mohair…