More, more, more

The above photos are of the yardage exhibit displayed at the conference center. You can get a better sense of the scale and wonderfulness (excuse photo quality – no big camera – just phone). It is great to get so much inspiration and incentive to “up my game.” I am very excited to get back to the studio and start planning. Among all the inspirational things I have seen here, the two books on “Textiles That Shape Themselves” , my soon to be started DImity study group and the Designing Fabric group that I have been neglecting (thinking, thinking), I feel like my arsenal is well stocked, but I have to start the war. Okay, very bad metaphor. Rather, my pantry is well stocked, and I have to start cooking . . . much better.

I attended the fashion show last night and was pretty impressed with the quality of the work although it was really difficult to see any detail (the items will be in a gallery today available for close-up viewing.) The thing that really amazed me is how profoundly the models effected the garments. The somewhat tentative, shyer models really did harm to the garments while the vervy, energetic models no matter what the body shape, had a hugely positive impact on the impression the garment made. The student work was really impressive, somewhat innovative, well executed, wonderfully modeled and flattering. The big winner was “Modern Samurai” which I am very interested to see up close. It wasn’t really a wearable (in the going-to-work sense), but had a cool-looking silhouette.