Back on the Loom Bench Again . . .

Sorry for the blog-less interval. I was (so far unsuccessfully) attempting to re-create “plainweave” on WordPress. But I was also attending all the festivities surrounding my youngest child’s graduation from grammar school. Sweet, sad, bittersweet!

I also paid a visit to my friend Barbara Hurley. We worked on organizing her collection of weaving magazines and books, and I have to say, “Wow!” She has a spectacular library. I could have remained transfixed for weeks. Imagine any/all weaving books that you have ever seen, known about or coveted. Well, she has them. I got to look through the actual swatch books of Sharon Alderman, Malin Selander, Hill Institute’s own Jeanetta Jones and Virginia West. Everything new is old as it turns out. If one thinks that they have created a new idea in weaving . . . well, just take a look through the amazing treasure trove of weaving books, and you will probably find that it has been “discovered” many times before. I found the experience daunting and inspiring. A feeling I often have when it comes to weaving.

So . . . I returned home and pressed on with my re-do of the concentric squares throw. Remember that I mentioned that I might like it more with sharper contrast in color and less fulling in washing? Well, I wound a warp and dressed the loom with . . . uh oh . . . Hot Topic? Witch stockings? I thought a charcoal and red would be dramatic, but when I saw the loom dressed, I immediately thought of Witchy-poo from Puff’n Stuff or the window displays at the Mall Goth store “Hot Topic”. A few hours of panic, but once I wove off the first sample repeat my fears were calmed. I think I will like this . . . maybe.