Do I Like This????

This is the third blanket using the same 16-shaft, deflected double weave threading. I wove the first two using high contrast colors for the blocks,and I really liked the results. I wanted to do a subtler version using the same yarn weights but making the colors closer in value. Initially, I wanted to use two shades/weights of brown but decided that it would be too uninteresting (especially to photograph). I looked and looked at the greyed brown, which seemed to have a mauve-y tone, next to the greyed lilac. At the last minute, I decided to add the four ends of periwinkle to each thin block to add just a touch of contrast. I also changed the tie-up and treadling to a slightly more complex repeat.

So far, I wish I had simplified the treadling repeat to make it more apparent. I really can’t decide about the colors . . . dirty dishrag or subtle sophistication???? Tell me what you think.