A Study in Contrast

As fake spring receded and real New England spring arrived (chilly, windy, lower 50’s), I wanted to cling to hope by making a Spring Scarf. I wove this while wearing my insulated coveralls and wooly scarf mind you. The scarf is tencel and raw silk – a misnomer according to “The Internet”. It is more accurately silk noil which feels like nubby cotton and is made from the short fibers left over from the silk combing process. I bought three cones years ago in what I think of as Miami Colors (lime, turquoise and coral) as a mill end from WEBS. The shiny contrast is tencel given to me by my Color-guru buddy Gail Callahan. The texture contrast was really fun to weave, but what I actually like about this design is the blue maze inserted in the silk noil block. It really adds to the dimensionality (if I do say so . . .)

In other weaving news . . . a sure way to make someone read on, right?

Our Guild held its biennial Silent Auction which was well organized and effective . . . only one gripe . . . why don’t people understand that bidding wars are GREAT at these auctions because they benefit the organization? An individual’s need for a spectacular bargain is not the purpose of everyone’s donations and hard work. ‘Nuf said.