Back to the big loom

This is the first project on the AVL since “dotty”. My former frienemy is behaving like an angel, and I think I might like this. It is 2 shades of green, mill-end, 8/2 wools from WEBS and 4 colors of Brassard 16/2 Laine Peignée (combed wool?) It is 16-shaft deflected double weave (could be woven on 12 . . .) I haven’t used the mill-end wool before so I am curious how it will behave and deflect when washed . . .
I will post washed pic tomorrow.

In non-weaving news – I am reading Swamplandia and Cleopatra, and I read of a new condition in the Huffington Post from which I seem to suffer called “Momsomnia.” (the secret to getting in lots of post 3 am reading.)