Study in Contrast

The scarf on the left is a merino and silk/mohair “fun” project and the WIP on the right is my “exercise in expectation management” tapestry project. Andy Warhol said, “Art is hard” which I don’t doubt, but tapestry is hard too!! I have some big ideas that my skill just won’t accommodate. The good news is that I will learn a lot during the many MONTHS I spend trying to finish this. The potentially bad news is that my skill might improve as I proceed up the tapestry, and I will find myself with a cludgy bottom and a refined top (I guess I should hope that that is what happens.)

I turned in the second installment of my Master Weaver’s projects – tho’ I haven’t yet heard back. In any case, I am pretty happy because when I brought the projects to Hill to turn them in, I was asked to do a small show & tell for the Wed. weaving class & the response I got was incredibly enthusiastic and supportive, and many of the weavers said that they felt quite inspired. So – good – right?

In more interesting news, I have been following a great thread on Weavetech which started with a conversation about Madelyn van der Hooght leaving Handwoven. This led to people expressing their feelings about Handwoven which segued into the old recipe weaving vs. “original” weaving and ended (after many, many responses) with links to a fairly heated (50 +-year-old argument between Anni Albers and Mary Meigs Atwater about the same issue. It was sooo exciting.

(I am such a nerd!!!)