Apron Again

So, I have been documenting the Apron Project in a step-by-step way, and it has been interesting. In part because I think my process is usually “unmethodical” if that is a word. The mysterious part is that I complete projects all the time, from start to finish – from designing through warping – from weaving to sewing or beading, etc. all unmethodically. This is a curious thing because in weaving one can’t really skip steps (long hard road to learn that lesson!) One has to follow the step sequentially – winding, warping, weaving, washing . . . .

Despite the fact that I do that I still feel that my approach is unmethodical. Perhaps it is because I am often working in a multi-tasking way, several projects going at the same time – home, hub, kids, pets, friends all needing occasional care and feeding. Additionally, I think I accomplish many of the “steps” while thinking about the next step or a radio program or a recipe or one of my kid’s math score, summer job, etc. This would certainly explain some “unexplained” errors, miscalculations, surprise repeat treadlings, etc.

So, as I was proceeding, I would try to remember to stop myself at different stages and take photos while composing an explanation in my head for what I was doing and how I was doing it. The exercise was very helpful. It made me PAY ATTENTION, analyze each step, clarify and improve (I hope).

The other enriching part of this project has been looking for resources online. It turns out that there are many, many apron patterns available as well as (I’ve mentioned this before) unbelievably great tutorials on Youtube. I apologize for the navel gazing, but insight can only help, right?

  • March 12, 2018


    I like this idea and design. What pattern did you use