Tied One On

I know it is a bad pun, but since entering the realm of the “middle-aged woman” and trying to control my temper/ature, insomnia, etc. by, as Sandra Tsing Loh puts it, having NO FUN – meaning no alcohol, no fatty foods, lots of exercise – the only “tying on” that I have been doing is on the loom.

I tied another Ms & Os onto the indigo warp in an attempt to use some stash and figure out the best color arrangement for the threading – I am getting closer.

I tied a short linen warp onto the crackle sample to see if I would like the texture of a linen warp and if I would like a darker color for the warp.

I am in the process of tying onto the Summer and Winter blanket warp to weave a black and grey blanket for my niece (promised for her high-school graduation – hoping to make it before the first snow!).