The Process

I have a few minutes before I have to feed the troops and head for my little son’s school performance. I don’t have much weaving news – unless you want to hear about weaving-related organizational tasks and chores (noooooo!) The above is a commission that I just got off the loom (whew!) just in time before the graduation frenzy, Loomis show and departure for Germany heat up. I am going to add a post-tubby photo. Of course the big, heavy mohair project has been done during some of the first really hot days in June . . .
1000 ypp brushed mohair
set at 6 epi doubled
threaded in a straight draw
woven at 6 ppi
56” wide in reed
85” long unwashed
to make for ease of treadling I tied the loom up so I can treadle 1 then 3 – throw
treadle 2 then 4 – throw
I use a large open-bottom Schacht boat shuttle for the weft which is also doubled.
This client didn’t want the blanket brushed