Jabberwocky Pelt

I have been waiting to get this monster off the loom before posting, and FINALLY I cut it off today. I like it a lot except for the fringe. I liked the idea of a shocking fabric behind the fleecy pile side, but the fringe doesn’t seem to have any relationship with the rest of it. The knots really tone down the blue/purple warp on the back while the fringe stays BRIGHT. I consulted my design team (mother, sister, nieces, daughter) and they are in agreement that the fringe has to go.

The textural difference between the fleecy side and the nubby side with the knots is really exciting. I have only one repair (yay!) and hemming – and then I have been advised (by neighbor and weaving icon Ute Bargman) to spritz the blanket side with water rather than immersing the whole thing in order to preserve the pile.

In other news, our guild, Weavers of Western Ma has been buzzing with our end-of-year pot luck – mini show – preparation for a big Guild-sponsored, juried show at Loomis Village and preparation for New England Weavers Seminar. A lot of work and organizing, but all efforts are weaving-related and working with other weavers is never bad.