Hands on the Steering Wheel

I have finally been able to grab the steering wheel of my life in the last week. Darling daughter has been moved (we strategically chose the two 100-degree days in August to move her out of her Hoboken walk-up). Sweet seventeen-year-old son is back to school for his SENIOR YEAR (caps are mine signifying the daily cliched astonishment I feel at the passage of time – you would think I would have gotten used to it by now.) And wonderful wee son is off to a week of Nature’s Classroom. So, I am driving this bus now, and I’d better drive it fast and straight to the multiple destinations of Completed Masters Projects, Warped Youth Looms, Organized Paperwork, Finished Powerpoint and finally the ever-elusive If Not Pretty – Then At Least Hygienic House.

The above photos are of two possible masters projects. One is a closed-shed leno using 2/48 wool from Habu. It is like a spider-web in weight and was pretty meditative to weave (except for the broken threads – those spiders need to give this yarn a talking to about tensile strength). The other is a deflected doubleweave using two weights of wool. The fine is superwash the thick is not – giving a little differential shrinkage. I think I am going to do another scarf in brook’s bouquet or spanish lace using a slightly stronger fiber – silk? Worms know a thing or two about tensile strength.