Sorry for the spotty posts – I really lost my blogging rhythm since Convergence. But I have semi-completed a/nother Masters Project (maybe). I look forward to the day when I can eliminate the “maybe”. Sometime before I die? (Maybe)

The above is a pillow top (yet to be assembled) for my tufting/looping requirement. I had a little trouble with the back of his raven-y head – “Mom, too flat!” quoth #1 Son. Sadly, he quoth tardily – it was already off the loom.

I really need some feedback on the eye. “Tell me truly, I implore.” In his somewhat sinister presence the rounder eye looks good to me, but in the photos the narrower eye looks better and less goofy. Any ideas? And by the way, I LOVED the input on the button controversy – extremely helpful. Thanks again. No buttons turns out to be the consensus, and no buttons it is.

If you have any questions about the tree/leaf/coral – let’s just say there was a scuffle with a Sharpie . . .