A “Full” Day

I got the six yards of coat fabric off the loom yesterday and emailed felting guru Chris White (check out her website – Magpie Designs – amazing) about fulling six yards of fabric. She suggested posting a query online because she didn’t have a lot of experience with fulling woven material. So this morning I posted on Yahoo WeaveTech and within an hour got input from some weaving heavy weights. One was Ian Bowers from Scotland (check out his website – – amazing) He suggested the tub treading technique which I used. I also heard from Laura Fry – “don’t hang the fabric to dry – roll it on a perforated tube “- oops. Su Butler posted great tips for fulling in the washer and Alison Daykin and Josephine Earl posted with more info and expertise (they all have fantastic websites!) An embarrassment of riches.



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