Polly Two Re-Do

Today I finished weaving/washing Polly Two Re-do – I just have to finish the fringes and send it off. Check out the before and after washing effect in the photos above.

I also did a little research on the 3/1 1/3 twill and the likelihood of its collapse. Sadly, without some elasticized weft or over-spun fine wool I’m out of luck. I will continue reading and planning for a future collapse:)
On the big loom I still have the last of Sock Baby threaded. and I keep thinking that I want to use it to tie on another baby blanket. However, I really want to use some stash yarn, and despite shelves of yarn I am not quite content with my choices. I think I am going to force myself to come up with a stash solution as a creative exercise. 3/2 cotton in red and rust? peach? What about 3/8 wool in brown and blue? garnet? Not really baby-y. ???