Geriatric Delinquent

Today I was supposed to fix all that ails Sock Baby 2, and I was supposed to attend a meeting of the 8-Shaft Overshot Study Group with all my documentation in hand for our possible publication in Hand Woven. INSTEAD (after all it was a super cozy Sunday -see above- with big son at home for Mod break) I read the end of a novel. One I highly recommend called What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt . There is a peripheral connection to weaving in that there are many elements of the plot that have to do art and aesthetics – a stretch? Perhaps. Then I cooked and did some laundry and perused some old drafts. I was just about to go into the studio when I got the call that my study group was wondering where I was. Oops! I thought, “I feel like a juvenile delinquent – ditching class.” But then I realized that juvenile wouldn’t be appropriate . . .