Project Planning

I was in class most of the day today frustratedly finishing my foul fiasco of a huck sampler (huffily hemming my horrible huck?). I am more miffed than usual about my seemingly pathological inability to do good work in class (pathological inability sounds somewhat grander then loud-mouth lack of concentration) because I really liked and was interested in this sampler. It was a huck threading with great variations in treadling that produces waffle weave, weft-faced vertical stripes, honeycomb, etc. Very intriguing, but I literally failed to get one sample out of 17 woven without error (one of my classmates wittily said, “Well, you’re nothing if not consistent.”)
Now I am putting the trauma behind me and moving on. I have 3/4 of an alpaca throw to finish next on the queue, followed by a 16-shaft twill throw in 4/8 Zephyr, followed by a shawl in Zephyr that I want to weave in deflected double weave stripes. I also have the crazy over-spun Italian tapestry wool that you see above to use for what??? Wizard beard?