I have been obsessively thinking about style. I wander the internet looking at weavers’ blogs and photos and there are technicians whose skill I admire, but whose aesthetic I don’t. There are weavers who have great style with little technique and then there are those (oh fortunate ones) who have both. One of the common features of those with both is that they seem to find a style and stick to it. I am having a hard time not Zelig-ing (a new verb derived from the movie Zelig in which Woody Allen becomes whomever he is interacting with). I see something beautifully colorful and all I want to do is mess with color. Then I see someone who has done something compelling with structure, and I think that is what I should do. I have had the grit not to be derailed by all the temptations – beading, basketry, rug hooking, etc that abut weaving, but within weaving I think tapestry?, rugs? jaquard, back-strap? When plain weave was my only choice – both because of my equipment and knowledge – I felt more sure.