Cookie Factory Day 1

I baked cookies from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm when we had a neighborhood party to attend. Then from 7:00 ‘til 9:00 I was back at the ovens. Tomorrow will probably be the same – it would be fun and gratifying if I weren’t having loom withdrawal (the boys love it though – they are my tasters). The list so far is gingerbread men, trees and houses, double chocolate chewy cookies, chocolate peppermint biscotti, Grammy’s chocolate charms, lemon drop cookies, fruit and oatmeal drop cookies, peanut butter cookies and tomorrow I will bake sugar cookies and decorate the gingerbread and sugar cookies. I can’t think of anything amusing or entertaining to write because even though baking all day is fun and make-y, it isn’t conducive to stimulating conversation – unless you really want to hear about the FIVE pounds of butter and the FIVE pounds of sugar that I used along with a few other ingredients.