Holiday “Cheer”

I am trying desperately to reset to Holiday Cheer from my current state of holiday bitter stress and grumpitude. As I age I feel like the Holidays need to come around every 3-5 years instead of what seems like 3-5 weeks. “Didn’t I just take those decorations down? I don’t think they ever even made it back to the attic.” Weaving is my balm – but I am also realizing that it causes some of my “attitude problems” . It has completely filled my need for creative outlet and then some. I no longer need/want to bake beautiful cookies or meals (I want to weave) I no longer want to decorate my house (I want to decorate my handwovens) I have no impulse to tie beautiful ribbons around purchased gifts – I want to weave ribbons and gifts. I might have a problem . . .