Youth Weaving 2

I meant to take my camera for photos of the last day of youth weaving – sorry – forgot. The kids made from 1 to 5 different projects during the class. I will encourage them to show their work at the Student Show in the spring and get pics then. I used two of my own workshop looms and 4 “extra” looms from Hill. All of the looms are 4 shaft, and scarves are “the project.” I need to come up with interesting, doable, 4-shafts project for the kids that don’t require so much repetition. Placemats? Fabric for small books? Maybe bandwoven headbands? The problem with weaving/sewing projects is that all of the students are working at different rates, and I need to be available to the weaving kids – I might need a sewing partner. Hmmmm.