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    • Hi Pam,
      Do you know the book Väv and Weave by Mariana Ericsson? There is a draft for this fabric in that book. It requires 12 shafts to weave tho’ Do you have a 12-shaft loom?

      • I do have access to 12 shaft looms. I have looked for the book you referenced but I haven’t been able to locate it yet. Thank you for your response.

        • I believe the English version is currently out of print (look for it from used book dealers), but the Swedish version is still in print (I think you can get it from Vavstuga). The drafts are readable even if you can’t read the text – just remember that most Scandi drafts are set up so that the filled squares in the tie-up mean that the shaft will be pulled down and the threading is set up with Shaft 1 as the shaft furthest from the weaver and treadle 1 is right-most.

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