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Working Weavers Studio Trail

Plain Weave Studio 156 Elmer Road, Conway, MA, United States

I am so excited to put the word out that I will be participating in the Working Weavers Studio Trail on October 14 & 15, 2017.  The studio trail will include the studios of Marilyn Webster, Scott Norris, Chris Hammel, Paula […]

Huronia Handweavers

Simcoe County Museum 1151 Highway 26 W, Minesing, ON, Canada

Masters of Deflection north of the border!

Beginning Weaving at WEBS

WEBS Service Center Road, Northampton, MA, United States

Fiber fun on Saturday mornings!

Deflected Double Weave at John C Campbell

John C Campbell Folk School

A super fun, 5-day class on deflected double weave in the gorgeous weaving studio at JCC Folk School

Whidbey Weavers Guild

Pacific NW Art School 15 NW Birch Street, Coupeville, WA, United States

Gulp! Teaching Masters of Deflection in the shadow of the mother of DefDW Madelyn van der Hoogt

Deflected Double Weave in Marfa TX

A week-long workshop held at the beautiful Hotel St. George in Marfa, TX home of Chinati.  Details to come.

Masters of Deflection at Harrisville

Harrisvile Designs 4 Mills Alley, Harrisville, NH, United States

Mystery Weave, Deflected Double Weave, Cell Weave - it has as many
names as possibilities according to Doramay Keasbey. In this workshop we
explore the dramatic possibilities of deflected double weave using the full
array of 64 colors available in the Harrisville Shetland line. Each participant will be provided with an individual design and full instructions for
warping and weaving a sampler and scarf in class.

Limitations as License at Penland

Penland 67 Doras Trail, Bakersville, 28705, NC, United States

Friction with the perceived limitations of a discipline can often spark the fire of creative thinking and problem solving. In this class, weavers with some experience as well as craftspeople from different disciplines will learn (or review) the fundamentals of weaving. This will include measuring and winding warps, dressing looms, calculating sett, and drafting on paper and computer. These fundamentals may be seen as limitations, but during the second week of class we will apply the previous week's acquired/honed skills to personal projects by exploring/deploying a variety of weaving techniques that challenge the looms' limitations such as layered weaves, pile weaves, deflecting structures, and pick up techniques. All Levels

Beginning Weaving at Harrisville

Harrisvile Designs 4 Mills Alley, Harrisville, NH, United States

In this class we will learn all the basics of floor-loom weaving. In the inspiring setting of the Harrisville weaving studio we will learn the fundamentals of creating cloth - from the anatomy of the loom, to winding a warp, dressing a loom, planning a project, weaving, drafting and finishing. Along the way, we will assemble a tool-box of tips and tricks that will allow participants to return to their own looms with the skills they need to make the cloth of their dreams. Participants will weave a color sampler, set-up and weave a twill sampler and design, set up and weave a scarf.

If you have an event you would like me to attend, please contact me.