About Me

About Me

13 years ago

Still the same snazzy dresser

Name: Elisabeth Hill
Occupation: Hand Weaver
Location: Western Massachusetts

I am a hand-weaver, teacher and mother of three children, two dogs, and three ( . . . there may be a few more) looms. I have been weaving since 1995, and I have received my Master Weaver certification from Hill Institute in Florence, MA. I am a technical editor for and frequent contributor to Handwoven Magazine.

I believe that cloth and its creation are somehow embedded in our DNA.  Making cloth seems fundamental to me; I am saddened by the distance we have created between the fabric that means so much to us (wedding dresses, christening gowns, tallitot, baby blankets and grandma’s quilt) and the making of that fabric. I find pleasure, challenge and a fundamental gratification in the colors, patterns and structures of the pieces I make. I want to create items that will be in daily use, but that demonstrate that utility is not “mere utility” but is intimately entwined with our aesthetic needs.



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